fattestanorexic (fattestanorexic) wrote in wierded,

Just had to post about mustard. . .

Upon joining this community, I read about how it seems like you are looking for freaky-deaky anecdotal posts relating to our ED's. So here's mine:

Back in college, when I was in a severe state of starvation from my anorexia, I had to drown everything in mustard if I was going to eat it. For some reason, during that time mustard was the only thing strong enough that I could actually taste!

I found out later from my doctor that my anorexia had triggered a severe zinc deficiency, which suppresses your ability to taste things. No wonder food was always so nasty!

Mustard became the "fifth food group for me" - I think I consumed more mustard than actual food during that time.

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